Voting 2020, Floyd County VA

This is the most important election of our lifetime, and we are ready for change! We need to make sure that we are all registered to vote at our current address and are prepared to vote this year. You can check to see if your registration is up to date at

This election is too important to sit out. Diverse people from all across America are coming together to rise up against Donald Trump, a unique threat to our country and to democracy. They are marching not merely against Trump and all the Republicans who support him and his policies, but for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who will unite people and what they will do to restore our economy, build jobs, protect our healthcare, protect the environment, stand up for science, invest in our children and their future, and so much more. Vote this year like your life depends on it. Vote early, and in person if you can. No matter what make sure you vote and that your vote is counted.

There are three ways to vote. Choose the voting method that’s right for you. Decide on which way you're most comfortable voting, just make sure you vote! Election Day is November 3rd, and beginning in September there are two ways to vote before November 3rd (Early Voting in Person, and Vote Absentee by Mail).

  1. Early in Person, if you can
  2. Absentee By Mail
  3. In Person, at your precinct on election day


  • September 18th - Early in Person Voting begins
  • October 13th - last day to Register to Vote AND to make changes to your voter registration
  • October 23rd - last day to request a ballot to Vote by Mail
  • October 24th & October 31st - the only Saturdays in October for Early Voting in Person
  • October 31st - last day for Early Voting in Person
  • November 3rd - Election Day


If you have any questions about voting or any concerns when voting, please contact the Democratic Party of Virginia Hotline: 1-844-482-8683
@DPVAvote | | 1-844-4VA-VOTE


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