Absentee Voting

Virginia does not have true early voting, but rather absentee voting; however, there are 20 reasons that you can vote absentee. Even better, you can vote absentee in person at the Floyd County Courthouse now, M-F 9-5 as well as two Saturdays 9-5 (10/28 and 11/4). Remember years with ice storms, or you ran late getting home, or had issues with transportation? If you can vote absentee, vote now

You can vote now (in-person absentee), by mail, or on Election Day. Whatever is easier for you, but please make sure to VOTE!

A Few Common Reasons You Can Vote Early (In-Person Absentee)
Use the reason codes on the Absentee Ballot Application (codes refer to paper application)

  • Will you be outside of Floyd County (such as a neighboring county or out of state) for work, personal or business reasons on Election Day? Use Code 1C or 1D
  • Are you or your spouse going to school or college outside of Floyd? Use Code 1A or1B
  • Do you have a disability, illness, or pregnancy or are you taking care of a disabled or ill family member at home? Use Code 2A, 2B, or 2C
  • Are you a first responder? Use Code 1F
  • Will you or your spouse be on active military duty outside of Floyd on Election Day? Use Code 6A or Code 6B
  • Will you be temporarily residing outside of the US on Election Day? Use Code 6C or 6D
  • Will you be working and commuting for 11 hours or more between 6am and 7pm on Election Day (even if you never leave Floyd County)? Use Code 1E

Vote By Mail

NEW this year if you request an absentee ballot by mail there is an 'Absentee Ballot Tracker' with the Virginia Department of Elections.