2022 9th CD Convention

last updated 1/23/2022

The Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) Party Plan  (PDF) provides for the reorganization of the membership and party leaders every 4 years. The State Central committee is the governing body and composed of members from each of the 11 Congressional Districts (CD). Each Congressional District elects 20 members at at convention of delegates representing each of the component jurisdictions (city / county Democratic committees, e.g. Floyd County Democratic Committee).

The 9th Congressional District is divided into 5 areas each from which 2 men and 2 women will be elected to the CD Committee. If there are no more than 2 men and/or women who pre-file in an area, they will be elected. If more than 2 men/women pre-file, there will be on-line balloting by DPVA following the 9th District Convention until 5 pm on that Saturday, March 5. Any vacancies which will remain open, will be filled by the new 9th District Committee.

The official Call to Convention for the March 5th VA 9th Congressional District Democratic Committee is forthcoming. 140 delegates will be elected to the convention allocated by city / county as outlined below, FloydVADems are allocated 3 delegates to the convention.

The 2022 9th Congressional District Democratic candidate for the US House of Representatives will be nominated by primary. If only one candidate properly files there will be no need for a primary.

Membership of each CD Committee is outlined in the Party Plan, Section 4.2:

  • Party Plan 6.1 – the 20 elected members, the core of the committee (4-year term)
  • Party Plan 6.2 – 4 members serving 2-year terms: one General Assembly member, and 3 city / county representatives. “The district committee, upon its organization and two years thereafter, shall elect one Democratic member of the General Assembly and three county or city representatives. A “county or city representative” shall be a resident of the congressional district who is (a) a county or city committee chair or vice chair, (b) a magisterial district chair, (c) a ward chair or (d) a county or city committee member proposed by his or her county or city committee to the district committee.
  • Party Plan 4.1 – State Party officers, elected leaders, etc.

Section 4.3 Equal Division. The members of the Central and district committees elected pursuant to Section 4.2 shall be equally divided between men and women.


This form will be used to file to be a Delegate to the CD9 Convention.

It will also be used to file to participate in any of the caucuses to elect those Delegates. Any individual who files to be a Delegate, will also be permitted to participate in their locality’s caucus. For individuals who do not wish to be Delegates, they may select the option of Caucus participant.

Filings must be made by Friday, February 11th at 5PM. Any filings made after this date and time will not be accepted as proper and timely.


  • January 22 or 24, 2022 – DPVA training sessions for new local chairs/ returning local chairs
  • February 11, 2022 (Friday) 5:00 pm – deadline to pre-file to be delegate to 9th District Convention. If pre-filings are less than the delegate number allotted to each county/city, local chairs will have until February 15 to fill in their delegations. Pre-filing forms will be sent to each local chair by DPVA. To the extent delegations remain short of their allocation, delegates from overfilled delegations can be reassigned to another undersigned delegation. Delegates must be a registered voter in the jurisdiction they file from, which will be verified in VoteBuilder.
  • February 21, 2022 (Monday) 5:00 pm – deadline to pre-file to run for 9th District Democratic Committee member. Must pre-file with Gary C. Hancock, current Chair 9th District Committee. No form required; information required: interested person’s full name, address (not PO Box), county or city of residence, phone numbers, and email address. May pre-file by mail, e-mail, fax, but filing must be received by the deadline, sent to Gary C. Hancock: PO Box 878, Pulaski, VA 24301; ghancock@gsish.com; phone: 540-980-1360 x 15; fax: 540-980-5264 .
  • March 5, 2022 (Saturday) 11:00 am – VA 9th Congressional District Democratic Convention, held virtually.


The allocation of convention delegates is determined by formula in the Party Plan, a method voted upon by the State Central Committee.

MARCH 4, 2022

Delegate Numbers — Proportion

Area 1 
Bedford 9 — .064
Franklin 10 — .071
Roanoke County 9 — .064
Total 28 — .199

Area 2 
Bland 1 — .007
Henry 10 — .071
Martinsville 3 — .021
Patrick 3 — .021
Floyd 3 — .021
Carroll 5 — .036
Grayson 2 — .014
Galax 1 — .007
Total 28 — .198

Area 3
Montgomery 21 — .150
Giles 3 — .021
Radford 3 — .021
Craig 1 — .007
Total 28 — .199

Area 4 
Bristol 3 — .021
Pulaski 6 — .043
Smyth 5 — .036
Washington 9 — .064
Wythe 5 — .036
Total 28 — .200

Area 5 
Buchanan 3 — .021
Dickenson 2 — .014
Lee 3 — .021
Norton 1 — .007
Russell 4 — .029
Scott 3 — .021
Tazewell 6 — .043
Wise 6 — .043
Total 28 — .199


Ms. Mary Biggs – Blacksburg, VA 24060
Mr. David Boehm- Marion, VA 24354
Ms. Ellen T. Boone – Martinsville, VA 24112
Ms. Laurie Buchwald – Radford, VA 24141
Mr. William Bunch – Tazewell, VA 24651
Mr. Tim Carpenter – Pennington Gap, VA 24277
Mr. Dean Chiapetto – Floyd, VA 24091
Ms. Kim Chiapetto – Floyd, VA 24091
Mr. Ronald Goings – Clifton Forge, VA 24422
Mr. Gary C. Hancock – Pulaski, VA 24301
Ms. Julie Hensley – Gate City, VA 24251
Mr. John Hopkins – Floyd, VA 24091
Mr. Michael Hudson – Blacksburg, VA 24060
Mr. Chris Hurst – Blacksburg, VA 24060
Mr. Gregory Kallen – Big Stone Gap, VA 24219
Ms. Joan Kark – Pearisburg, VA 24314
Mr. Derek Kitts – Christiansburg, VA 24073
Ms. Helen O. Kyle – Galax, VA 24333
Ms. Haley Legg – Weber City, VA 24290
Ms. Roberta Thacker-Oliver – Pennington Gap, VA 24277
Mr. Russell V. Presley – Keen Mountain, VA 24624
Ms. Mary Lynn Tate – Abingdon, VA 24211
Ms. Amanda Jimenez Thornton – Radford, VA 24141
Mr. Liam Watson – Blacksburg, VA 24060


  • 1/23/2022 – added online 9th CD Convention Delegate Filing Form information and link